Culture and Leadership

Culture and leadership are not two separate entities but are intimately connected. One influences the other and vice versa. This powerful information can be an important driving force in creating and maintaining the culture your organization needs to be successful.



The article is written by Meghan Stone (Axialent) is framed into the Culture Transformation and goes directly to the intimate relation between Culture and Leadership, how they go hand in hand shaping one another and bringing some useful tools such as the  OCI® (Organizational Culture Inventory®) and OEI® (Organizational Effectiveness Inventory®) in combination with the LSI® (Life Styles Inventory®). 

Axialent is created in 2002, with a dream to help individuals, teams, and organizations connect with their true selves skillfully at work and beyond. With its presence in Europe, LatAm, the U.S.A., and Australia, they are a leading global provider of culture transformation expertise for companies in the financial services/insurance, technology/IT and pharmaceutical industries.

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