Value-Based Strategy


Exclusive and Free Workshop for future participants (1-4May 2022)

and former participants (since 2003) of the

RCC at Harvard Executive Program

October 14,2021

4:00 PM European Time (UTC+1) | 10:00 AM Boston, Massachusetts, EE. UU. (GMT-4)


In nearly every business segment and corner of the world economy, the most successful companies dramatically outperform their rivals. What is their secret? In this workshop, Harvard Business School professor Félix Oberholzer-Gee  shows how these companies achieve more by doing less.

At a time when rapid technological change and global competition conspire to upend traditional ways of doing business, these companies pursue radically simplified strategies.

At a time when many managers struggle not to drown in vast seas of projects and initiatives, these businesses follow simple rules that help select the few ideas that truly make a difference.

REGISTRATION for Value-Based Strategy Workshop | Prof. Félix Oberholzxer -Gee

New Book for 2022 Participants

The participants already registered for the next Program Edition (1-4 May 2022) will receive from the Organization the latest book from Prof. Oberholzer-Gee: Better, Simpler Strategy: A Value-Based Guide to Exceptional Performance. Additional information about this book is available in our blog

Alibaba’s Taobao Session, Prof. Félix Oberholzer.Gee. Harvard Faculty Club, Cambridge,MA.

About the Speaker

Felix Oberholzer-Gee is the Andreas Andresen Professor of Business Administration in the Strategy Unit at Harvard Business School.
A member of the faculty since 2003, he currently teaches competitive strategy in executive education programs such as the Program for Leadership Development, the Senior Executive Program for China, and in a program for media executives titled Effective Strategies for Media Companies.
His course Strategies Beyond the Market is a popular elective class for second-year MBA students. Professor Oberholzer-Gee won numerous awards for excellence in teaching, including the Harvard Business School Class of 2006 Faculty Teaching Award for best teacher in the core curriculum, and the 2002 Helen Kardon Moss Anvil Award for best teacher in the Wharton MBA program. Prior to his academic career, Professor Oberholzer-Gee served as managing director of Symo Electronics, a Swiss-based process control company.

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